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Competition Results

CAPTAIN’S PRIZE – Mr. Liam Hartnett Prize

Killeen, 30th & 31st July 2016

Event: CAPTAIN’S PRIZE – Mr. Liam Hartnett Prize
Sponsor: Mr. Liam Hartnett
Course: Killeen
Date 30/07/2016 & 31/07/2016

1st Ian Cronin (8) 41 pts
2nd Ian Prendergast (15) 40 pts
3rd Michael Maher (6)40 pts
BG Greg Lanigan (4) 37 pts
4th Eoin Reen (22) 39 pts
5th Conor Stack (11) 39 pts
6th Chris Twomey (10) 39 pts
7th Tomas Kelliher (9) 39 pts
8th Daragh Kelly (17) 39 pts
9th Peter McEnery(11) 39 pts
10th Pat Fogarty (19) 38 pts
11th Seamus Doheny (21) 38 pts
12th David MacIndoe (12) 38 pts
13th Brendan Keogh (8) 38 pts
14th Noel Duggan  (12) 38 pts
15th Luke Walsh (5) 37 pts
16th David O’Donoghue (4) 37 pts
17th Tom Long (9)  37 pts
18th Niall McCarthy (5) 37 pts
19th Paudie Sheahan (15) 37 pts
Past Captain Paul Murphy (5) 37 pts
Best Senior Eddie Coleman (12)36pts
Best Pro Diarmaid Fraser 31pts
Putting Competition       Michael O’Donoghue

Event: Single Stableford White Markers
Sponsor: Heather Restaurant Gap Of Dunloe
Course: The Cashen Course Ballybunion
Date 25/07/2016

1st Liam Healy (12) 38 pts
2nd Danny O’Sullivan (17) 34 pts
3rd Brendan Keogh (8) 33 pts
4th Eugene O’Sullivan (4) 33 pts
5th Denny Lyons (8) 33 pts
Cat 1 Greg Lanigan (4) 32 pts
Cat 2 James Curran (9) 32 pts
Cat 3 David McIndoe (12) 33 pts
Cat 4 Tony Walsh (18) 32 pts
CSS – 35pts Reduction only

Event: Lady Captain’s Prize to Men – Mary O’Rourke
Sponsor: Mens Club
Course: Killeen
Date 17/07/2016

1st Ian Prendergast (17) 40 pts
2nd David O’Donoghue (5) 40 pts
3rd Mark Tuite (6) 40 pts
Best Gross Eric Dunlea (3) 39 pts
4th Patrick Buckley(Jnr Mbr) (12) 38 pts
5th Brian Looney (6) 38 pts
6th Fergus Houlihan (10) 38 pts
7th John Herlihy (8) 37 pts
8th Muris Healy (16) 37 pts
9th Declan Glavin (8) 37 pts
10th Sean Goulding (13) 37 pts
CSS 35 Pts

Event: Tralee Exchange
Sponsor: Cross Refrigeration
Course: Tralee Golf Club
Date 12/06/2016

1st Con Healy (12) 36 pts
2nd Colin Denman (10) 36 pts
3rd Michael Jr O’Neill (12) 35 pts
4th Liam Healy (12) 35 pts
5th James Curran (9) 35 pts
Cat 1 Paul Murphy (5) 33 pts
Cat 2 Michael Crossan (11) 33 pts
Cat 3 Dermot Roche (12) 34 pts
Cat 4 John Wall (21) 33 pts
CSS – 34pts Reduction only

Event: Arthur Hanley President’s Prize (GOY)
Sponsor: Arthur Hanley
Course: Killeen
Date 4th/ 5th June 2016

1st Derry McCarthy (6) 6up
2nd Eugene O’Sullivan (5) 4up
3rd Greg Murphy (7) 3up
Best Gross Donal Considine 70
4th Stephen Hanley (12) 3up
5th Liam Healy (12) 2up
6th Neilus Hayes (19) 2up
7th Paul Twiss (14) 2up
8th Fergal O’Shea (7) 2up
9th Eddie O’Sullivan (13) 2up
10th Denny Lyons (8) 2up
11th Dermot O’Connor (9) 1up
12th Frank O’Rourke (28) 1up
13th Sean C Brosnan (8) 1up
14th Rory O’Sullivan (16) 1up
CSS 72

Event: Super Valu Stroke
Sponsor: Super Valu
Course: Mahonys Point
Date 30/05/2016

1st John Lynch (12) 64
2nd Robert Cussen (10) 66
3rd Peter Wickham (13) 67
4th Peter Malone (6) 68
5th Niall Huggard (11) 68
Best Gross Donal Consdine 73
Cat 2 Denis McCarthy (11) 71
Cat 3 Eddie O’Sullivan (14) 68
Cat 4 NIck O’Brien (19) 68

Event: Back Stakes Classic-Killeen (GOY)
Sponsor: O’Donoghue Ring Hotels
Date 22/05/2016

1st Tom Ashe (17) 36 pts
2nd Eric Dunlea (5) 35 pts
3rd Ger Linehan (16) 35 pts
4th Darren Mulcahy (7) 35 pts
5th Pat Favier (14) 34 pts
Cat 1 Paul Murphy (5) 34 pts
Cat 2 James Devane (9) 34 pts
Cat 3  Matthew O’Connor (12) 33 pts
Cat 4 Tom O’Sullivan (18) 30 pts
CSS 30 pts

Event: Singles Stroke
Sponsor: Liam Killeen
Date 15/05/2016

1st James Arthur (11) 67
2nd Greg Lanigan (5) 67
3rd John O Shea (12) 68
4th Paul Murphy (6) 69
5th John O Donoghue (6) 69
Cat 1 Shane Horgan (2) 70
Cat 2 James Devane (10) 70
Cat 3  Luke Sweeney (14) 69
Cat 4 Teddy Bowler (18) 71

Event: Fourball Betterball Qualifer
Sponsor: Gallivan Murphy Hooper Dolan
Date 08/05/2016

1st Seamus Doheny (20) & Fergus Houlihan (10) 47pts
2nd Brendan O’Toole (3) & Conor McNiece (6)  47pts
3rd Tim Kiely (10) & Colin Feeley (11) 44pts
4th Patrick Buckley (16) & Jason Arthur (6) 44pts

2 of 13 38pts Qualified – See the DRAW HERE

Event: Captain’s Charity Day Liam Hartnett
Course: Mahony’s Point
Date 01/05/2016

1st James Devane,(10) Sean Devane (16) Tom Ashe (17)Andrew Garnett(19) 98 pts
2nd Mike Howard(9) Neil Kiely (9) Pa Howard (13) Michael Howard (16) 96pts
3rd Michael ODonoghue (13) Muiris Healy (15)John Kelliher((17) Dara Kelly (17) 96Pts
4th Ger Walsh (13) Joe Walsh (19) Tom O’Sullivan (19)Dan Doona (10) 96pts.
5th Brendan Keogh (8) Peter Mc Enery (11) John Mc Enery (18)Harry O’ Neill (12) 96pts
6th Eugene O’ Sullivan (4) Seanie Kelliher (9) John Cahill (10)Denis Hurley (16) 96 Pts.

Putting Competition
1st Robert Cussen 17
2nd Seanie Kelliher 17

Event: Arbutus Cup (GOY)
Sponsor Killarney Printing
Course: Killeen
Date 24/04/2016

1st Ronan Brosnan (9) 41 pts
2nd Damien Hickey (12) 41 pts
3rd Luke Walsh  (7) 40 pts
4th Matthew Leacy  (5) 39 pts
5th John O’Donoghue  (10) 39 pts
Best Gross Stephen Kelliher 74
Cat 2 Pat Chawke (9) 38pts
Cat 3 Ewan Macindoe (16) 39 pts
Cat 4 Andrew Garnett  (19) 33 pts

CSS 36 pts

Event: Singles Stableford Matchplay Qualifier
Sponsor Aghadoe Heights Hotel
Course: Mahonys Point
Date 17/04/2016

1st Joe Hartnett (11) 42 pts
2nd Mike Howard (9) 41 pts
3rd Seamus Doheny (21) 41 pts
4th Mark Bowe (6) 41 pts
5th Tony Walsh (19) 41 pts
Best Gross Donal Considine 36 pts
Cat 2 Fergal O Shea (8) 39 pts
Cat 3 Pat Favier (15) 39 pts
Cat 4 John Twomey (19) 40 pts

CSS 37 pts
Qualifiers: Some 34s qualified – See Draw here

Event: International Hotel Killarney Singles Stableford (GOY)
Sponsor International Hotel Killarney
Course: Mahonys Point
Date 03/04/2016

1st Denny Lyons (9) 45 pts
2nd Tim O’Keeffe(20) 43 pts
3rd Matthew Lacey (5) 42 pts
4th Greg Lanigan (5) 42 pts
5th Stephen O’Brien (16) 42 pts
Cat 1 Eugene O’Sullivan (5) 41 pts
Cat 2 Conor Mcniece (7) 41 pts
Cat 3 Sean Casey (13) 42 pts
Cat 4 Liam Daly (20) 40 pts

CSS 39 pts

Event: Foursome Qualifier 2016
Sponsor: Killarney Brewing
Course: Killeen
Date: 27/03/2016

1st Luke Walsh (8) & Luke Sweeney (14) 41pts
2nd Shane Connole (9) & Mike Tangney (10) 38pts
3rd David MacIndoe Jnr.(13) & Ewan MacIndoe (16) 38pts
4thJason Arthur (6) & Patrick Buckley (16) 37pts
Qualifiers: Some 29s qualified – See Draw here


Event: Singles Stableford
Sponsor: Keanes Jewellers
Course: Mahonys Point
Date: 13/03/2016

1st William D. O’Connor (13) 44pts
2nd Ciaran Fleming (28) 43pts
3rd Jonathan Sparling (9) 43pts
4th Con Daly (27) 43
5th David MacIndoe Jnr. (13) 42pts
Best Gross Simon Gallivan (1) 68 Gross
Cat 2 Ian Cronin(7) 42pts
Cat 3 Peter Lawlor(15)41pts
Cat 4 Ted O’Sullivan (18) 42pts

CSS Non-Counting

Men’s Club

Captain’s Address


It is a massive honour for me to become Mens’ Club Captain of this great golf club for 2018. I am acutely aware of the responsibility of the role which has been bestowed upon me and will vow to carry it out to the best of my ability. 

I am conscious of the fact that we are but custodians of the Club and that we need to uphold the traditions and values that make this a great Club, and hopefully lay the foundations for continued success for those who come after us. 

I am extremely proud to be leading our Club into what shall be our 125th year.  It promises to be a great year and will kick off with Paul McGinley coming to the Club on to accept his Honorary Life Membership. I hope to see a great turnout for this award, and wish to publicly thank Denis Cronin who first mooted the idea of an award, and Michael Crossan and Victor Mulcahy who pulled the event together, working diligently behind the scenes. 

I Joined the Club in 2002 along with an influx of my contemporaries who had learned the basics and honed our craft from our time spent at Deerpark Pitch & Putt Club. 

On that note it would be remiss not to mention the passing of Con Hartnett, who among others instilled a great sense of volunteerism in us as young lads at the Pitch & Putt Club, and I had the privilege of serving on my first ever Committee role in 1994 while Con was commencing his 21st and final year as Treasurer. 

The apple did not fall from the tree in this regard as Con’s son, Liam, takes his leave from us on Committee having served with distinction in various roles since 2012. We thank you Liam for what you have achieved during your time in office. 

I would sincerely like to thank Captain Chris Collins who put his faith in me, and brought me onto Committee in 2012 and I have since had the great pleasure to work with Captains’ James Ormonde, Michael Quirke, Liam Hartnett and Declan McCarthy.  Presidents’ Ollie Creedon, Sean Coyne, Denis Cronin and Arthur Hanley also attended and added invaluable experience to our Committee meetings over the years and I can only hope that I have retained some of the knowledge that these wise men have imparted, during that time. 

I thank the Management Council of the Club for their efforts on our behalf and hope to make a valuable contribution on behalf of all Club members in that forum for 2018. 

I would sincerely like to thank the Mens’ Committee for their unwavering dedication to our Club, and personally for your support over the years. I sincerely welcome Ian Cronin to Committee for 2018 and wish to thank James Curran who has agreed to be Vice-Captain for the year ahead, along with Hon. Sec. Tommy Barry, Hon. Treasurer Harry O’Neill, Competition Sec. Tommy Galvin, Handicap Sec. Donal O’Sullivan, PRO Victor Mulcahy, Junior Officer John Curtin, and Committee members Michael Maher & Eddie O’Sullivan. 

I wish to sincerely thank Declan McCarthy who put his heart and soul into this Club since 2012 and congratulate him on his record of achievement over the years, and in particular, I must say that his year as Captain has been exemplary. This man has worked tirelessly on behalf of all of us over many years and it was my pleasure to have worked alongside him over that time, and very much look forward to more of the same in 2018. 

To my fellow officers, Lady Captain Sheila Crowley, President Jack Buckley, Girls’ Captain Mairead Martin and Boys’ Captain Kieran O’Connor, I most sincerely wish you all the best for the year ahead, and with a little luck, a pennant or two might come our way, in this our 125th year in existance.

Yours in golf
Derry MCarthy
Captain 2018


Senior Cup Team – Munster Champions 2017



L to R: Mary Sheehy, Eimear O’Donnell, Ann Moynihan Rudden, Mairead Martin, Mary Geaney (Team Manager), Valerie Clancy, Kelly Brotherton and Claire Keating


L to R: Club President Breda Duggan, Team Manager Mary Geaney, Lady Captain Amy Arthur


Past Lady Captains 2015

Past Lady Captains 2015 - LR

Photographed at the Past Lady Captains Day which took place at the club on August 19th are, back from left, Julia O’Donoghue, Helen Prendergast, Hazel O’Connell, Christel Nolke, Taal Burke, Maureen Culloty, Noreen Buckley, Frankie Coyne, Margaret Moriarty, Clare Courtney, Bernie Nolan, Marguerite Mulcahy, Louise Langan and Eileen Whelan.  Seated front, from left to right are Maureen Somers, Breda Duggan, Pat Collins  (winner), Lady Captain Patsy Hanley, Maura Fitzgerald and Mary Geaney.


Killarney Senior Cup Team are Munster Champions!

The Senior Cup panel includes Margaret Campion, Valerie Clancy, Catriona Griffin, Claire Keating, Mairéad Martin, Anne Moynihan, Ailish Mulcahy, Fidelma O’Connor, Deirdre Prendergast and Nicola Rainsford. The Killarney team is managed by Club President Mary Geaney, with the assistance of Liam Healy and Mary Leacy, and coached by Head Professional David Keating.


AIB Hampers

Mary Doherty AIB presenting the first prize in the AIB ladies competition to winner Veronica O’Connor with (Front) Mary Geaney Club President, Margaret Campion 2nd, Maureen Culloty Lady Captain (back from left) prizewinners Anne Rudden, Sheila Crowley, Margaret Moriarty, Helen Howard, Patricia Lynch, Claire Breen, Nancy Fleming and Amy Arthur.


Charity Day Prize-Winners

Christine Carroll Lady Captain Killarney Golf and Fishing Club (right) making a presentation to the winning team in the Killarney Golf Club Ladies Charity Day Maureen Rooney, Susan Cooper and Patsy Hanley with (left) Dr Margaret Kelleher Exectutive Clinical Director Kerry Mental Health Services at Killarney Golf and Fishing Club. Missing from the phoot winning team member Patricia Lynch.


Charity Day-Kerry Mental Health

Christine Carroll Lady Captain Killarney Golf and Fishing Club presenting a cheque for €2300 the proceeds the Killarney Golf Club Ladies Charity Day to (left) Dr Margaret Kelleher Exectutive Clinical Director Kerry Mental Health Services.


Lady Captain’s Prize to Men

Christine Carroll Lady Captain Killarney Golf Club (centre) presenting her Lady Captain’s prize to the Mens winner Chris Twomey with (right) Mike Daly Vice Captain (back from left) Ivan Stuart 2nd, Colin Denmen 4th, Sean Goulding 5th, Bernard O’Shea 7th and winner of the Junior prize Ronan Brosnan on Sunday 1st September.


Lady Captain’s Prize to Ladies

Christine Carroll Lady Captain Killarney Golf Club (fourth from left) presenting her Lady Captain’s prize to winner Mary Sheehy with (front from left) Eileen McGee 3rd, Margaret Campion 2nd, Maureen Culloty committee prize (back from left) Caitriona Griffin best gross, Mairead O’Sullivan 4th, Mary Geaney 5th, Ursula Daly 6th, Maura Fitzgerald 7th, Mary O’Doherty 8th, Sally Cooper 9th, Sinead Galvin front nine, Mags Brosnan back nine, Jennifer Carroll guest 2nd and Julie O’Sullivan guest 1st prize on Sunday 1st September.


Imperative Energy/Green Belt Mixed

Gerard Moroney of Green Belt Ltd (seated third from left presenting 1st prize in the Imperative Energy/Green Belt Mixed competition to winners Shane Horgan & Eimear O’Donnell with (from left) Brian Horgan, Joe O’Carroll of Imperative Energy, Christine Carroll Lady Captain (back from left) John O’Shea 2nd, Bernie Nolan 3rd, Noreen Coffey BG, Veronica O’Connor & John Culloty 4th, Eddie Coleman & Margaret Curtin 5th.


Killarney Cups

Christine Carroll Lady Captain Killarney Golf Club presenting the Killarney Cups to winner of the Gleneagle Mixed Foursomes Noreen Coffey and Derry O’Connor with (left) Mike Daly Vice Captain, Maureen Culloty Vice Lady Captain (back from left) Brian and Bridie Fitzgerald 3rd with Tom and Helen Prendergast 4th at Killarney Golf & Fishing Club.



Agnieszka Kamila of Desire (left) presenting first prize in the Desire Ladies competition to winner Noreen Coffey with prizewinners (from left) Eileen Tarrant, Breda Neeson, Mary O’Rourke, Mary O’Connor, Maureen Rooney, Christine Carroll Lady Captain, Mags Brosnan and Hajdas Kamila of Desire at Killarney Golf & Fishing Club.


Cross Refrigeration

Christine Carroll Lady Captain Killarney Golf Club (fourth from left) presenting the first prize in the Cross Refridgeration to winner Maureen Rooney and Winnie Ryan with (left) Helen Howard Cross Refridgeration and Kathleen Griffin 2nd.


Castlerosse Hotel

Christine Carroll Lady Captain Killarney Golf Club presenting the prizes in the Castlerosse Ladies Competition to winners Maureen Culloty Vice Lady Captain, Bridie Doyle and Maureen Rooney.


Keane’s Jewellers

Paul Trant Manager Keanes Jewellers Killarney(centre)presenting first prize in the Keanes Jewellers Team of 4 competition to winners Frank and Mary O’Rourke, Liz and Eamon O’Connor with Christine Carroll Lady Captain at Killarney Golf and Fishing Club, Killarney.


Keane’s Jewellers

Paul Trant Manager Keanes Jewellers Killarney (seated centre) presenting first prize in the Keanes Jewellers Team of 4 competition to winners Frank and Mary O’Rourke, Liz and Eamon O’Connor with Christine Carroll Lady Captain 3rd (back from left) James Ormonde Captain, John and Maura Geaney, Seamus and Mary O’Neill 2nd, Der Brosnan, Kay and Matthew O’Connor 3rd, John and Fidelma O’Connor, John and Irma Clifford 4th, John Twomey, Sheila Crowley and Mary Geaney 5th.


O’Keeffe Accountants

Aiden O’Keeffe of O’Keeffe Accountants Killarney presenting first prize in the O’Keeffe Accountants Ladies Fourball competition to winners (front from left) Winnie Ryan, Mary Kelly, Noreen O’Callaghan and Kathleen Wrenn with Christine Carroll Lady Captain (back from left) Mariona Kennedy Hogan, Brid Naughton and Mary Fagan 2nd, Noreen C Buckley, Amy Arthur and Marie Chawke 3rd, Ailish Mulcahy, Patsy Hanley, Eileen Tarrant and Irma Clifford 4th.


New Strands

Frank Doran of Safeguard Security and New Strands, New Street Killarney presenting the first prize in the New Strands Ladies competition to winner Margaret Brosnan, Christine Carroll Lady Captain (back from left) Maureen Rooney 2nd, Noreen C Buckjley 3rd, Siobhan Brosnan best gross, Mary O’Connor 4th and Joan Buckley 5th.

Ladies Club Results

 2018 Competitions


Sunday 7th October  – very kindly sponsored by Christy’s Irish Stores

1st & Best Gross Tracy Eakin (2) 41 pts (bk 9)
2nd          Mary Leacy     (19)        41
3rd           Susan Tong     (13)        39
4th           Annette Mc Niece  (32)    37 (bk 9)
5th           Fiona Leacy      (7)          37
6th           Sinead O’Shea    (13)        36
7th           Anne Duggan      (12)        35

CSS 36

Sunday 30th September.  Kindly sponsored by Liebherr

1st Mary Chute  (24)  69 Bk 9
2nd Elizabeth Kelliher (16)  69
BG: Mary Sheehy (03) 73
3rd Lelia Moloney (17) 70
4th Nuala Meade (21)  71
5th Sheila Crowley (21) 72
6th Nancy Fleming (26) 72

CSS 71 and 60 played
Sunday 23rdSeptember. Sponsored by Desire Beauty Kitchen at the West End. Killeen Stableford


1st: Sinead O Shea   (15)     41 points

2nd : Fiona Leacy     (8)        39 points

BG: Kelly Brotheron (0)       36

3rd: Aoife Frazier      (17)     37 points ( B9)

4th : Alicia Burke      ( 13)     37 points



Sunday 16th September,
Very kindly sponsored by Dan Horan Fruit & Veg Stroke Competition on Mahony’s Point

1st       Ann Ladd        (12)               68 nett
2nd     Mary O’Doherty  (13)          71 nett bk 9
BG      Kelly Brotherton  (00)          72
3rd     Amy Arthur        (6)               71 nett bk 6
4th     Maureen Creedon   (13)       71 nett
5th     Sinead O’Shea      (15)          72 nett

Congratulations to all the winners !
Tuesday 11th September 2019, 11 Hole Step-Aside Scramble, very kindly sponsored by “Nua Wellness” – Mags Brosnan

1st  Fiona Leacy                    38.2 pts
Geraldine Collins
Margaret O’ Connor

2nd  Eileen Whelan               41.5 pts
Joan Buckley
Mary Sheehy

3rd Winnie Ryan                    41.7pts
Geraldine Tarrant
Elaine O’ Sullivan

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to “Nua Wellness” & Mags Brosnan for sponsoring today’s competition.

Sunday 9th September “Play in Pink”, very kindly sponsored by Donal Considine, The Golf Shop, College Street Killarney.


1st Mary Geaney (13)
Sheila Crowley (21) 43 points back 9

2nd Sinead O’Shea (15)
Kay O’Connor (16) 43 points back 3

Best Gross Mary Sheehy (3)
Ailish Mulcahy (9) 37 back 3

3rd Sally Cooper (19)
Margaret Curtin (28) 43 points back 1


Congratulations to all the winners and sincerest thanks to all who took part in this golf event in aid of Breast Cancer Research.


All the shades of pink dotted around the course looked fantastic, thank you to everyone for making such a great effort to show up on the day dressed in pink.


Pat Courtney Memorial 13 hole Mixed Stableford Competition, on 7th September 13 holes on Mahony’s Point


1st James Arthur (12) & Frances Arthur (24th) 29 pts
2nd Mike McCauliffe (13) & Jane Dwyer (22) 28 pts
BG Donal Considine (3) & Amy Arthur (6) 25 pts 
3rd Sean Goulding (12) & Sinead Galvin(20) 28 pts 
4th Matthew Leacy (4) & Fiona Leacy (8) 27pts back 9 5th Ned O’Callaghan (23) & Noreen O’ Callaghan (14)27 pts


Congratulations to all the winners and sincerest thanks to Claire Courtney, the Courtney family and The Killarney Oaks Hotel for sponsoring this Mixed Competition.


Past Captain’s Day, 2018

Wednesday, 5th September Lady Captain Sheila hosted the past and present lady captains day. Past Lady Captain trophy was awarded to our Lady Captain, Sheila Crowley.


1st Sheila Crowley
2nd Mary Geaney 
3rd. Margaret O’Donoghue
4th. Amy Arthur 
5th Patsy Hanley
6th Frankie Coyne 
7th. Maura Fitzgerald 
8th Noreen Coffey
9th Ursula Daly


Congratulations to all the winners and sincerest thanks to Christine Carroll and Patsy Hanly for organizing this great day. Thank you also to the David & Geraldine and all catering team for the delicious food and wonderful service.


Sunday 2nd September 2018 Stableford Competition held on Killeen and  very kindly sponsored by Jackie from Visage Beauty Salon Killarney.

1st & BG:               Deidre Prendergast (6)                  42 points.
2nd:                         Lora Beth Malloy ( 29)                    29 points
3rd:                         Miriam Mc Farlane ( 27)                38 points ( B9)
4th :                         Louise Langan ( 13)                          38 points ( B 6)
5th :                         Angela Kelliher ( 24)                        38 points

CSS 37 points
Sunday 26th August 2018 Fourball Better ball (stroke) on Killeen, very kindly sponsored by Pat O’ Neill, The Style suite at The Brehon 


1st  Kelly Brotherton & Ailish  Mulcahy 68 (b9)

2nd Sheila Crowley & Cara Fuller 68

3rd Marguerita Mulcahy & Bernie Nolan 72


19th August, Killeen.  Stroke format competition kindly sponsored by the Killarney Park Hotel 

1st :                         Fiona Leacy ( 8)                                 69
2nd & BG:             Kelly Brotherton (0)                        73
3rd:                         Jennifer O Brien (13)                       74 ( B9)
4th :                        Sarah O Brien (10)                            74
5th:                         Ann Moynihan Rudden  (5)          75 (B9)



12th August, Stableford  Competition held on Killeen and kindly sponsored by Muckross Park Hotel


1st          Joan Buckley  (26)                40pts

2nd        Susie Tong     (14)                    39pts

BG          Fiona Leacy     (8)                   28pts

3rd       Ciara O’Mahony (13)                 38 pts

4th       June O’Brien      (18)                  37 pts

CSS 37 stableford points


Muckross House Invitational Mixed Foursomes on Thursday 9th August 2018 

1st   Jack Buckley  Lora Beth Malloy  39pts
2nd  Mary Geaney  David Byrne  37pts  back 9
BG   Fiona Leacy  Matthew Lacey  3opts
3rd  Martina Cusack  Brendan  Cusack  37pts
4th  Shane Horgan  Helen Prendergast  36pts
5th  Gearldine Tarrant  William Tarrant  36pts
Captain Derry McCarthy’s Prize to the Ladies, Sunday 5th August 2019
1st                          Grace Dennehy                 (28)        66             (Captains’ Cup)

2nd                          Breda Duggan                    (25)        69 (Bk 9)

Best Gross           Tracy Eakin                          (2)          73

3rd                           Marguerita Mulcahy       (20)        69 (Bk 6)

4th                           Sinead Galvin                     (20)        69 (Bk9)

5th                           Helen Howard                   (25)        69 (Bk 6)

6th                           Leila Moloney                    (17)        69 (Bk 9) (Guards’ Cup)

7th                           Mary Cronin                       (18)        69

8th                           Anne Duggan                     (11)        70 (Bk 9)

9th                           Nuala Meade                     (21)        70 (Bk 9)


Front 9                  Lora Beth Malloy              (29)        32.5

Back 9                   Eileen Tarrant                    (29)        30.5


CSS 70

13 hole single stableford return to golf

1st Patricia Walsh                                              (36)        28 pts



Sunday 29th July, Maureen O’Shea Memorial, Mahony’s Point.  Kindly sponsored by the O’Shea family.

1st           Eileen Galbraith (30)                     67

2nd          Sarah O’Brien (10)                         69

BG          Corrina Griffin (7)                         76

3rd           Sheila Crowley (21)             69 bk 9

4th           Ciara O’Mahony (13)           69 bk 9

5th           Margaret Campion (7)                  70

6th           Susan Tong (14)                             71

CSS 71

Sunday 22nd July, 2018
Very kindly sponsored by Home Instead Senior Care

1st        Christine Carroll  (13)               3 Up
2nd &  BG Amy Arthur        (6)   2 Up  (Bk. 6)
3rd       Miriam McFarlane  (27)  2 Up  (Bk. 9)
4th       Fiona Leacy            (9)    2 Up
5th       Fidelma O’Connor  (10)  1 Up  (Bk. 9)
6th       Corrina Griffin         (7)    1 Up

CSS   73


Friday 20th July 2018 

Invitational Mixed Foursomes kindly sponsored by Con & Ann Stack, Tricel Ireland

1st & BG  Ian Prendergast
Maureen Creedon.  38pts (back 9)
2nd.          Geraldine Tarrant
William Tarrant        38 pts
3rd            Eimear O Donnell
Larry O Donnell.       36 pts
4th             Ellen Ann Sugrue
Shane Horgan           35pts


Ladies Open Day, Thursday 19th July on Mahony’s Point 

1st.        Jacinta Rafferty (36)
Breda Lambe (32).         57 pts
2nd       Fidelma O Connor (10)
Sally Cooper     (21)     55pts (back 6)
3rd.       Susan Coakley(10)
Marie Dalton (23).      55pts
4th.        Breda Kelliher (19)
Yvonne Sadlier (12)     53pts
5th.       Anne O Donoghue (20)
Bernadette O Reilly (31) 52pts(back6)

Nearest the pin hole 12 winner is Maureen Creedon 26”
Longest drive Yvonne Sadlier


Lady Captain Sheila’s Prize to the Ladies, Mahony’s Point, 15th July 2018, Stroke Competition


1st        Peggy O’ Donoghue (19)     65 &    Winner of CastleLough Cup

2nd      Sinead O’ Shea         (16)     66 &    Winner of Ellen Lady Tucker Cup

BG     Mary Sheehy           (3)      73

3rd       Sinead Galvin          (21)     67

4th       Kathleen Healy        (34)     67

5th       Margaret O Donoghue   (20)    68  & Winner of Putting Prize 25 putts

6th       Sinead Lynch           (21)     69       Back 9

7th       Eileen Galbraith       (31)     69

8th       Liz Downey             (15)     70       Back 9

9th       Tina O Sullivan       (19)     70       Back 9

10th     Miriam Murphy       (14)     70


Front 9          Liz Kelleher             (15)     21

Back 9           Veronica O Conor    (31)     32.5

Past Captain  Breda Duggan                     (25)     71

Committee member Sally Cooper (21)      71

Senior Prize   Anne O Keeffe         (17)     70

Visitors Prize Marian Cahillane    (23)     21


Return to Golf          1st        Maire Murphy (36)   21 (9 holes)

2nd      Eileen Whelan (17)   14


Congratulations to Lady Captain Sheila on a fantastic day and well done to all the winners!



Eileen Murphy Qualifier Wednesday, 11th July 2018

1st Maureen Creedon (13)
Lora Beth Malloy (29) 41 pts

2nd Susie Tong (14)
Muireann O’Farrell (19) 39 pts Bk 9


Sunday 8th July 2018, Mahony’s Point.  Kindly sponsored by Michael & Helen Howard of Cross Refrigeration

1st.   Mairead O Sullivan (36).     60 pts
2nd  Bridie Doyle (32).                 65 pts
BG   Tracy Eakin (2).                    70 pts
3rd  Geraldine Tarrant (27).        66pts
4th   Anne O Leary (25).             67 pts back 9
5th   Alicia Burke (14).                 67 pts
6th   Margaret O Donoghue (21) 68 pts back 9

CSS 70
Dooks Exchange Team of 2, on Sunday 1st July 2018
Kindly sponsored by The Flesk Restaurant

1st.    Aoife Fraser.    (17)
Breda Duggan (25)      49 Points

2nd.   Kay O Connor (16)
Tina O Sullivan (19).     48 Points

3rd.    Corrine Griffin (8)
Lora Beth Malloy (29).  45 Points

4th.   Noreen Coffey (14)
Susie Tong       (15).       44 Points (back 9)

5th    LC Sheila Crowley (22)
Helen Howard (25).        44 Points
Killarney 125 Mixed Team of 4 on Mahony’s Point

Kindly sponsored by Killarney Golf & Fishing Club
Saturday, 30th June 2018

1st    Con Healy.       (11)
Sean Clifford.  (18)
Irma Clifford.   (14)
Anne O Leary. (25)        103 points

2nd Pat Chawke.    (8)
Marie Chawke (24)
Brendan Cusack (20)
Martina Cusack. (24)    102 points

3rd  Crohan Fitzgerald (10)
LC Sheila Crowley (22)
Niall Geaney.         (20)
Mary Geaney.        (13)    100 points
Stroke Competition sponsored by Donagh Hickey Motors on Killeen 24th June


1st & B G  Clare Keating (8) 74 bk 9

2nd Sinead Galvin (21)  74

3rd Grace Dennehy (28) 75

4th Lora Beth Malloy (29) 75

5th Siobhain Brosnan (9) 77 bk 9


Winner of the Hayes Cup Clare Keating


Ladies Open Day, Wednesday 20th June 2018


1st.    Lisa Kerfoot         (14)             52 pts

Geraldine Collins (23)            (Back 9)


2nd.   Theresa Dunne   (21)              52 pts

Olivia Gardner   (27)


Visitor  Brid O Sullivan    (24)            49pts

First      Mairead Moynihan (28)


3rd      Delia Long            (25)              48pts

Grainne Crowley  (31)               Back 9


4th      Anne Moynihan     (5)               48pts

Amy Arthur            (6)               Back 9


5th      Anne O Driscoll      (20)              48pts

  1. Dowling.             (33)               Back 9


Longest drive on 8th – Killarney Ladies Junior Captain, Mairead Martin

Nearest the pin on 12th – Helen O’Reagan from Lee Valley GC



Sunday 17th June, 2018.  V Par Competition, kindly sponsored by Con & Anne O Leary, The Laurels Bar & Restaurant

1st            Louise Langan (10)       +5 up
2nd          Ann Moynihan Rudden (6)    +4 up
BG           Kelly Brotherton (0)        -1 down
3rd           Mary Chute        (25)        +4 up
4th           Siobhan Brosnan (9)        +1 up
5th           Noreen O’Callaghan (14) All Square

CSS 73

Ladies Tralee Exchange, kindly sponsored by Frank Doran & Safeguard Security 

1st             Irma Clifford (14)              46pts
Anne O’Leary (25)

2nd           Bridie Fitzgerald (17)     44pts (bk 9)
Sinead Lynch (20)

3rd            Kay O’Connor (16)           44pts
Tina O’Sullivan (19)

4th             Liz Kelleher (16)               42 pts
Muireann O’Farrell (19)

5th             Kathleen Wall (25)             41pts
Lora Beth Malloy (29)
President Jack Buckley’s Prize, Sunday 3rd June, Mahony’s Point


1st Jane Dwyer ( 24)                                                                65

2nd Geraldine Collins ( 25)                                                            66

BG Mairead Martin (+2)                                                               73

3rd and Past President’s prize: Louise Langan ( 16)              66

4th Aoife Frazer (19)                                                                         66

5th and Lough Guitane Cup Evelyn O’Donoghue ( 32)         68

6th  Amy Arthur (6)                                                                         70

7th Kathleen O Keeffe ( 16)                                                           70

8th Bridie Doyle ( 32)                                                                        70

9th Ailish Mulcahy ( 9)                                                                     70

10th Joan Fleming ( 34)                                                                   70

11th Noreen C Buckley ( 22)                                                          71

12th Margaret O Donoghue ( 21)                                                71


Front 9: Liz kelliher (16)                                                                 33

Back 9:  Sinead O Shea ( 16)                                                         33



Sunday 27th May 2018, kindly sponsored by SuperValu Killarney


1st                           Kathleen Healy    (36)     38 points

2nd                          Siobhan Brosnan  (10)    37 points

3rd and BG           Amy Arthur            (6)       35 points

4th                           Ciara O’Mahony   (13)    34 points

5th                           Fidelma O’Connor (9)     33 points  BK9



Sunday 20th May, kindly sponsored by Michael & Geraldine Rosney and Rozzers Restaurant at Killeen House 

1st            Patsy Hanley (23)                       68

2nd  Margaret O’Donoghue (21)     69 (BK 9)

BG           Amy Arthur (6)                             80

3rd          Julie Leonard (23)           69 (BK 9)

4th          Kathleen Wall (25)                       69

CCS 71
Mixed Competition, Friday 18th May
Very kindly sponsored by the Gleneagle Hotel

1st           Kathleen Brosnan
Brendan Brosnan                       41pts

2nd          Jane Dwyer
Mike McAuliffe                            40pts

BG          James Ormonde
Sharon Ormonde                  27 Gross

3rd           James Arthur
Frances Arthur                           39pts

4th           Colm O’Shea
Sinead O’shea                            38pts

Killarney cups were presented to Kathleen and Brendan Brosnan


13th May 2018 on Killeen, kindly sponsored by Clair Bowler, Mug and Bean, Killarney.


1st: Betty O Farrell (16)                                  40 pts

2nd : Ciara O Mahony (14)                             38 pts

BG/4th : Anne Moynihan Rudden (6)         30 gross pts and 36 points

3rd : Sinead O Shea ( 17)                                37 pts

5th : Margaret O Donoghue ( 21)    34 pts ( B9)

6th:  Winnie Ryan ( 21)                      34 pts

7th : Sharon Ormonde ( 14)               33 pts (B9)

8th :  Grace Dennehy ( 28)                   33 pts


CSS was 35 stableford points.


Congratulations to Fidelma O Connor ( 9) who had a hole in one on the 6th on Killeen using a 4 wood.



10th May 2018 Australian Spoons competition 

Kindly sponsored by Mary McBride & MacBees Ladies Fashion, Killarney


1st and BG   Amy Arthur & Anne Moynihan     41 pts

2nd    Liz Kelliher & Bridie Doyle    40pts

3rd     Fiona Leacy & Mary Leacy   39pts


Winning pair will go forward as Best Gross and 2nd will go through to District Final in Killorglin Golf Club 25th July.

Congratulations to all the winners and the very best of luck in Killorglin !


Sunday 6th May on Mahony’s Point and kindly sponsored by O’Donoghue Ring Hotels 

1st                           Sarah O’Brien                    (14)                        65

2nd                          Corrina Griffin                    (9)                          68

BG                          Tracy Eakin                          (2)                          75

3rd                           Geraldine Collins              (26)                        70

4th                           Ann Ladd                             (12)                        71

5th                           Christine Carroll                (13)                        72

CSS  71


Mary Geaney Scramble, Tuesday 1st May 2018

1st.  Mary Sheehy, Ann Moynihan, Bernie Galvin.      69

2nd Jane Dwyer, Lisa Kerfoot, Geraldine Collins.      70.6

3rd. Corrina Griffin, Lora Beth Malloy, Noreen O’Mahony 75.7

4th  Mary Looney, Joan Fleming, Mary O Doherty.   76.2

5th.  Liz Downey, Sinead O Shea, Anne Wrenn.          77.3

6th. Ursula Daly, Breda Duggan, Patricia Walsh.          78.5



Sunday 29th April 2018 on Mahony’s Point, club sponsored

1st & BG                Margaret Campion (7)                    42pts

2nd                          Liz Kelleher (16)                                41pts

3rd                           Sally Cooper (21)                              40pts

4th                           Lora Beth Malloy (29)                     39pts BK 9

5th                           Ann Stuart  (15)                                 39Pts
Sunday 22nd April, Singles Stableford on Killeen, kindly sponsored by Calor Gas


1st  Alicia Burke (16)  36 points (B9)

2nd  Best Gross Kelly Brotherton (0) 36 points

3rd  Siobhan Brosnan ( 10)  34 points (B9)

4th  Anne Duggan ( 11)  34 points


Sunday 15th April, Singles Stableford competition.  Kindly sponsored by Mike Buckley & family from Kerry Coaches

1st Gemma Leacey (29)          40pts
2/BG Tracy Eakin (2)                37pts
3rd Geraldine Collins (26)       37pts
4th Sharon Ormonde (13)       36pts BK9
5th Kathleen A Brosnan (22)  36pts

CSS 36pts
Sunday 1st April, 2018
Singles Stableford on Mahony’s Point

Kindly sponsored by Great Southern Killarney

1st Anne O’Leary     (25)        39 Pts
2nd Sally Cooper     (20)        35 Pts    Back 9
BG Clare Keating       ( 7)         21 Gross
3rd Ann Courtney     (35)        35 Pts
4th Margaret Curtin  (28)        34 Pts   Back 9

CSS         36 Stableford  Points
Congratulations to all the winners!

Sunday 25th March, Killeen.  Stableford Singles format, kindly sponsored by The Sweater Shop, Killarney.


1st Alicia Burke (18) 43pts

2nd Sinead O’Shea (17) 36 pts

B.G. Mairead Martin (+2) 34

3rd. Liz Downey (18) 36pts

4th Mary Chute (24) 35pts

5th Liz Kelleher (16) 34 pts


CSS 35 stableford points


Sunday 18th March 2018 – Mixed team of 4

Stableford format, kindly sponsored by Keanes Jewellers, Killarney, Cork & Limerick


1st           Dermot Roche   (13)

Mary Cronin       (17)

Jer Linehan         (16)

Sinead O’Shea   (17)   49 Points (back 9)


2nd          Alicia Burke         (18)

Padraig Burke    (20)

Louise Langan    (15)

Brian Holden      (12)        49 Points


3rd           Derry McCarthy (7)

Anne Courtney (28)

Jack Buckley       (19)

Kathleen Healy (28)         48 Points


4th           Vincent Meade (19)

Nuala Meade     (20)

Ailish Mulcahy   (8)

Sean Casey         (11)        45 Points


5th           John Clifford      (18)

Irma Clifford       (14)

Con Healy            (11)

Anne O Leary     (25)        44 Points


Singles Stableford Competition held on Mahony’s Point on Sunday 11th March 2018.  Kindly sponsored by Lord Kenmare’s Restaurant, Killarney.


1st                           Sinead O’Shea                   17                           37 points   BK9

2nd                          Christine Carroll                13                           37 points

BG and 3rd           Claire Keating                    7                             36 points  BK9

4th                           Geraldine Collins              26                           36 points



Open Day Competition, Sunday 25th February 2018 on Mahony’s Point, Singles Stableford (shotgun start)


1st                        Corrina Griffin   (9)         Killarney             37 Points

2nd                       Susan Tong        (14)       Killarney             35 Points

Best Gross          Jennifer Hickey (5)         Mallow               30 Points

3rd                       Sinead O’ Halloran (17)  Bandon               35 Points

4th                       Marie Dalton     (24)       Mallow               34 Points

5th                       Deirdre Galvin   (15)       Macroom           34 Points

6th                       Mairead O’ Sullivan (36) Killarney            34 Points

7th                       Anne Collins      (24)       Ballykisteen       33 Points

8th                       Mary Kiely          (13)       Gold Coast         33 Points

C.S.S      74 (36 Points)



Sunday 28th January 2018, 13 hole Single Stableford on Mahony’s.  Club sponsored.


1st Elizabeth Kelleher (16) 24 pts (back 9)

2nd Amy Arthur (6) 24 pts

Ladies Club



Next weeks competition will be held on Mahony’s Point and is very kindly sponsored by Dave Keating, The Pro Shop, Killarney. 


Lady Captain Sheila’s Charity Day was cancelled last Wednesday due to the high winds. It is now rescheduled for Friday October 12th . The charity day is in aid of My Canine Companion-Autism Service Dogs and St Mary of the Angels Beaufort.



  • Killarney ladies bring a record third Munster title and pennant home to Killarney Golf Club this year, what a great year the ladies are having adding to the wonderful 125th anniversary celebration.
    We are so proud to of our Senior Foursome Ladies Team, who were crowned Munster champions on Sunday last at Tipperary Golf Club when they overcame Limerick GC in the Munster finals. The All Ireland Finals will take place at Knightsbrook GC Co Meath on Wednesday 26th September 2018. We wish them every success.The team on Sunday was as follows.
    Amy Arthur and Ailish Mulcahy , Tracy Eakin and Mary Geaney, Mary Sheehy and Christine Carroll. Reserves today were Anne Moynihan Rudden and Fidelma O Connor.
    The team Manager is Christine Carroll.Congratulations to all the team and management on representing our club so well we are very proud of you all.


  • Congratulations to our Girls U19 who won the ILGU Inter club Munster Finals.  They overcame Lahinch in the semi-finals and East Cork in the final. We are all very proud of these young ladies who are marvellous ambassadors for our club.They are off to Belfast next for the All Ireland finals where they will face Ulster on 23rd August at Knock golf course Belfast.The team is made up of Corrina Griffin, Sarah O Brien and Alicia Burke and managed by Padraig  Burke and we wish them continued success in the All-Ireland finals.


  • Congratulations to Valerie Clancy and Corinna Griffin on reaching the All Ireland finals on Sunday 22nd July in Belfast. Valerie competed in the All Ireland final of the Irish Girls Close 2018, with Corinna reaching the final of the Pat Fletcher Trophy 2018. They both played their hearts out and put up enormous battles in the final, it just wasn’t to be this time.They overcame some very stiff competition and very tough matches to reach the final.  They both gave it their very best and that’s what really counts. Congratulations to both young ladies for representing our club so gallantly on this momentous occasion, we are all hugely proud of you!Congratulations and continued success to both wonderful young ladies.
  • On Wednesday 11th July Ladies Eileen Murphy Qualifier Scotch Foursomes will take place on Killeen and is kindly sponsored by Bradley’s Pharmacy
  • Congratulations to our ladies Senior Foursomes Team on winning the 2nd Round of the Senior Foursomes.  They now qualify for the Munster Quarter Finals in Thurles on August 12th


    President Jack’s Prize to the Ladies was won by Jane O’ Dwyer with a great score of 65.  As part of President Jack’s First Prize to the Ladies a specially commissioned solid silver commemorative medallion was awarded to Jane as the winner.
    This medallion was also awarded to Matthew Lacey as winner of the President’s prize to the Men and it will also be awarded to the winner of the Captain’s Prize to the Men and the Lady Captain’s Prize to the Ladies. These solid silver medallions have been commissioned to mark Killarney 125.


    As part of Killarney 125 celebrations a number of cups have been re-designated. On President’s Day The Loughguitane Cup which up to this had been presented on ladies open days  was  presented to the lady member with the best net score between 28-36 handicap. This was won by Evelyn O Donoghue who was playing off a handicap of 32. Evelyn’s mother Maureen and her late father Donal were members of KGFC.


  • Killarney Senior Cup team win back to back Munster titles this weekend.  In the Munster semi-final they fought off Douglas and in the Munster  final, after a very tough battle, they overcame Lahinch and were crowned 2018 Senior Cup Munster Champions in Clonmel today, Sunday 20th May.



Conditions of Competition 

Conditions of competition have been drawn up and ratified by the Ladies Club Committee.

Conditions of Competition 2018

Return to Golf Programme

This year will see the introduction of a Return to Golf Programme for Killarney Golf and Fishing Club lady members, beginning on Thursday April 26th .

If you have not played golf in a while then perhaps this “Return to Golf” programme, which will take place on six Thursday mornings, might encourage you to return and play again on a regular basis.

For further information, just click Return to Golf 2018

We hope you can join us!

Ladies Committee 2018

Below is a list of committee members and their responsibilities for 2018.  Should you have any queries or concerns, please contact the relevant officer.


Lady Captain                                        Sheila Crowley

Vice Captain                                         Mary Sheehy

Ex Officio                                              Amy Arthur

Hon. Secretary                                     Joan Fleming

Hon. Treasurer                                      Anne Duggan

Competitions Secretary                         Katie O’Connell

Handicap Secretary                               Mary O’Doherty

Junior Officer                                        Sally Cooper

P.R.O.                                                   Marie Chawke

Committee                                             Mairead O’Sullivan

Committee                                             Breeda Neeson

Committee                                             Bernie Galvin



Honorary Life Membership awarded to Mairead Martin

At a special reception in the club on Sunday evening (8th October), Mairead Martin was awarded Honorary Life Membership following her Senior Cap for Ireland this year when she played in the Home Internationals.   The reception was attended by her family, President Breda Duggan, Lady Captain Amy, Captain Declan, Committee Members and Club Members.  Mairead began playing golf at the young age of 11 in 2011, with a handicap of 36, and finished  2016 +1.  She has played across Europe from the Czech Republic to Galway Bay, and from Norway to Ontario, Canada.  Mairead has a brilliant playing record at national and international level, and at Club level she won her matches in the Senior Foursome Ladies All-Ireland winning team in 2014 and again with the Ladies Senior Cup All Ireland winning Team in 2017.  Mairead played by invitation at the Duke of York Trophy in September 2017.  She is currently playing of +2 and we wish her continued success in her golfing career.



Hole-in-One Records

The Ladies Branch is compiling a record of lady members who achieved a hole-in-one in any competition in Killarney Golf Club organised by the Ladies Branch prior to the year 2000.

For further details, please click on the link below:

Hole in One Letter


Overview of Changes to AIG Ladies Cups and Shields for 2017


  • Current handicap at time of match applies. 1st March eligibility no longer applicable
    • A player must have competed in 3 qualifying competitions “home” or “away” (9 or 18 holes) in the previous 12 months from the day of the match.
    • Shots will be conceded in the higher handicap categories, not lower.
    • The ILGU Munster District will organise neutral venues for all rounds
    • All five team members to play at the same venue for all Rounds
    • Matches to be played on the date and course listed on the draw sheet.
    • Closing date for entries Friday 13th January 2017
  • Senior Foursomes
    • No change – Minimum combined 14.


    Junior Foursomes

    • New condition – Minimum handicap 15. Minimum combined 35 – maximum combined 41
    • Maximum number of shots in a match is


    Junior Cup

    • New handicap range 9-15 (No shots)


    Intermediate Cup

    • New Handicap range 16-21 (Max number of shots in a match is five)


    Minor Cup

    • New Handicap range 22-27 (Max number of shots in a matches is five)


    Challenge Cup

    • New Handicap range 28-36 (Max number of shots in a match is five). Handicaps 34, 35 & 36 can play, but off a max of 33.

 Golf Etiquette

To view, please click on the link below

Golf Etiquette


Hole in One

Name Date Course Club Used
Miriam Mc Farlane 4th June 2000 6th Hole Killeen 5 Iron
Frankie Coyne July 2000 7th Hole Mahony’s Point 3 Wood
Julia O’Donoghue August 2000 6th Hole Killeen 6 Iron
Rita Collie 18th December 2002 18th Hole Mahony’s Point 3 Wood
Eileen Whelan April 24th 2005 14th Hole Lackabane 5 Wood
Anne Moynihan September 19th 2010 5th Hole Lackabane 8 Iron
Amy Arthur November 1st 2010 4th Hole Mahony’s Point 7 Iron
Joan Buckley July 6th 2011 14th Hole Lackabane Driver
Sheila Crowley August 11th 2013 10th Hole Killeen Driver
Kay O’Connor August 11th 2013 10th Hole Killeen Rescue
Margaret O’Donoghue June 7th 2015 4th Hole Mahony’s Point 6 Iron


The details listed above contain the names of lady members who achieved a “Hole in One” 2000-2015.

These are the details that will be displayed on a noticeboard. If you have not yet submitted your details to the Competitions Secretary Katie or Secretary Sheila please do so by the end of February 2016.


Competition Notice from the Ladies Committee

To all lady members, please support us in the smooth running of competitions by

(1) avoiding slow play – players should always keep up with the group ahead.

(2) observing the rule of golf 6.3 which relates to being ready to tee off at your booked tee time.  Playing partners should proceed at the correct time even if one of the players is delayed.  Failure to do so will result in a penalty for all three players infringing the rule (details of rule 6.3 are outlined on the ladies notice board).

Thank you for your participation and support of competitions.