Mens Club Report

Club Captain Liam Hartnett was saddened,  that once again, the planned competition schedule for last weekend was totally “washed out”, and on this occasion, by just ordinary rainfall, such is the saturation that our courses have endured since mid November last, that they easily became flooded once more, he remarked, that this is ridiculous, the biblical deluge only lasted for forty days and forty nights and now we are well past that, sure it was no wonder that we called the course that we concocted, in order to have some golf being played on recently, the “Ark”. worst of all, can you imagine that “Imogen” is on her way to us, we really should stop giving names to these storms, just look at what has happened to us since we started, late last year.!!!

With no Golf Club results to comment on, once again, then can we please take this opportunity to remind all of those who gave any form of assistance whatsoever in the clean-up’s of our courses in December and January that the-time sheet for the “four person scramble” our complimentary and thank you competition, is currently available in the Club House, and we very much look forward to seeing a full time-sheet for the event next Saturday, with a start time scheduled for 10.30 a.m. on the Mahony’s Point course, and the prize giving will be in the Club House around 3.30 p.m.

Liam also wishes to pass on his sincere condolences on the recent passing of our former Club member Sheila Kelliher,Sheila was the wife  of our member Tomas, who has represented our Club at National level on many occasions, mother, of our members Stephen and Ryan, and sister of Daithi McGillicuddy, another of our members, Liam  also  wishes to remember Sheila’s mother Mary, sister Noreen, and Sheila’s other brother Sean, in his thoughts and prayers. Sheila will be most fondly recalled by one and all of our membership as being a most jovial and entertaining Lady, who regaled us on many occasions with her renditions of “I’m on the, top of the world”, and other numbers, that she was singing in the local Killarney Musical Society shows over the years.

Liam also wishes to send his condolences to the family of Patrick “Brack” O’Sullivan from Beaufort, who passed away in the past week, Patrick’s passing has deprived our area of one of our most colourful characters, and at a great age, Patrick was in to his nineties.

Victor Mulcahy,
PRO Men’s Club.

Mens Club report

Club Captain Liam Hartnett is pleased to advise the membership that the first men’s competition of 2016 has been provisionally arranged for Saturday next, the 6th of February and, weather permitting, it will be played on the Mahony’s Point course, but if bad weather persists, then it may have to be played over on the

“Ark” course, we have our  fingers crossed for a small respite from the recent inclement weather, although,

God forbid, storm “Henry” is currently making its way over to us.!!!!

The time sheet is available as usual, via the Club on-line system, and times will run from 8.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.

the format will be by way of a singles stableford competition. Courses Clean-up “Volunteer’s” competition.

Liam also wishes to advise all of the volunteers who helped out in any way, over the two days of the Courses clean-up that there will be a four person scramble played over the Mahony’s Point Course on Saturday the 13th of February, the format will be as stated by way of four person scramble, set for a 10.30 a.m. “shot-gun” start, the time sheet is currently available at the reception at the Club House, and it will be on a first come, first served basis, but it is very much hoped that all of those that are interested in taking part will be accommodated, this will be a further small “thank you” for all of the endeavours that were undertaken over the two days of the 19th of December, and the 16th of January last.

Presentation of prizes will take place in the Club house immediately afterwards, say between 3.30 and 4.00 p.m.

The Arbutus Cup Competition.
The Arbutus Cup competition traditionally played on St. Stephen’s Day but was postponed due to the weather conditions has now been rescheduled for Sunday, the 28th of February next, the format will be by way of singles stableford competition, and is set to be played on the Mahony’s Point Course, entry will be as usual via the Club on-line system. Time sheet will run from 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

Re-schedule of competition diary.
Liam also commented that he was delighted to be getting back to doing the normal duties of being our Club Captain, we have not had an actual Men’s Club competition since the 22nd  of November last, when the second portion of the Club Christmas Hampers was played. We have had so many competitions postponed in the meantime which will result in the competition schedule diary being totally revised, and Liam has asked for the full co-operation and forbearance of the

Men’s club membership with this totally re-arranged schedule, it is not ideal, but it is the very best that we can now offer, and this may have to include some compromising so as to facilitate both the Men’s and the Ladies Clubs in an equitable manner.

Victor Mulcahy,
PRO Men’s Club.

Mens Club report

Club Captain Liam Hartnett is pleased to be able to advise the membership that the Mahony’s Point Course will re-open for play on next weekend, some restrictions may still be in force, but at least, and at last, we will be able to start on the first tee-box, and finish on the 18th green.

Course Manager Enda Murphy has advised that the repairs to the greens most affected, namely the 1st and 4th on Killeen, and the 16th on Mahony’s Point, has progressed quite well, but the current inclement weather has, once again, put progress back a week or so, but he is nevertheless confident that the previously advised opening dates will be met, and are as outlined above for Mahony’s Point, and should be in early March for the Killeen Course.

Enda has also advised that while the re-development is progressing, albeit slowly, that consideration must be given to preventing further re-occurrences of the recent devastation, and to this end some further radical alterations made need to be considered, in the not too distant future.

Liam also wishes to acknowledge the very recent, and untimely passing of one of the very best golfers ever to represent our Club, James Loughnane, passed away in early January, James had represented our Club on Numerous occasions, bur his most notable success was in being part of the team that garnered the “Barton Shield” for Killarney Golf and Fishing Club in 1980, for the first and only time that Killarney has won a “Senior” National Championship, the other members of that team were, three times South of Ireland Champion Michael  Guerin, Sean Coyne, and also another recently deceased member of that team,

Dr. Arthur Spring, “May they both rest in peace”, they were under the stewardship and tutelage of Derry Pyne Team Manager, and the Club Captain  Brian Mulcahy, and they won the trophy on the final green in a thrilling final, played over the famed “Lahinch” Golf Course, in County Clare.

Victor Mulcahy,
PRO Men’s Club.

Mens Club report

Club Captain Liam Hartnett, and Lady Captain Mary O’Rourke just ran out of superlatives in their fulsome praise of the extraordinary efforts, and for the massive numbers of persons, who turned out for the “meitheal” starting at the “crack of dawn” on the morning of Saturday the 16th of January to continue with the clean-up of our courses which had commenced with a similar outing on the 19th of December last.

The throng began arriving at 8.00 a.m. and the first contingent were deployed to the first fairway, on Killeen, even before the “club camera” had arrived at the maintenance sheds to record the unfolding events, and to record those who were taking part in this momentous occasion.

Enda Murphy Course Manager and his crew were already in-situ and some were already heading for the designated areas of the 1st 4th 6th 7th 8th on Killeen, and the 18th on Mahony’s Point, and by the time that Enda himself headed off to assist with the clean-up at about 9.00 a.m. he had already directed over 90 willing assistants to various destinations around the two courses.

The camaraderie and light heartedness of the previous outing continued to prevail, and needless to say the banter and leg pulling prevailed as usual, it was just quite amazing a “joy to behold”, was Club Captain Liam’s assessment of the occasion.

The number of those who took part during the course of the morning well exceeded 90, and suffice to say that when all of the work was completed, many others were just beginning to arrive to lend their hand to the endeavours of the day, and a very special thanks must go , once again to the “crew” of not less than 12 “Dooks” members who turned out to assist, as well as to some members from other Kerry Clubs who participated.

Enda Murphy began receiving calls on his mobile phone shortly after 10 a.m. as to ”where should we go next”, as the necessary work had being completed in record time in all of the pre-designated areas, with so many willing participants, Enda and his crew virtually had to “scratch their heads” so to speak, and the bands of volunteers were directed to the 11th 12th on Mahony’s point and others for the 2nd on Killeen, as well as to the putting green area.

Meanwhile Lady Captain Mary O’Rourke was frantically attempting to rearrange the starting time for the welcome “thank you” soup and sandwiches to be brought forward from the expected time of 12.30 p.m. to 11.15ish, and head barman Mike and his staff began preparing accordingly.

By 11.30 all had returned to Clubhouse, and the “ Club hospitality” was being enjoyed by all , and a most welcome addition was a “hot toddy” of either Irish Whiskey or Port with the compliments of the Lady’s and Men’s Club’s were also being offered to any of those who participated.

Eve Kelliher, Editor of the “Killarney Advertiser” at the Clubhouse had arrived to record the occasion, and it would be somewhat of an understatement to say that Eve was impressed with the enthusiasm and good humour that all of the mornings proceedings had been undertaken in.

Club President Arthur Hanley remarked that “the good Lord had shone down upon us” and had granted us a most pleasant morning to carry out the task in hand. Enda Murphy Course Manager remarked that the amount of work that had been carried out would now allow his crew to concentrate fully on the work of bringing both course back up to pristine condition, and Club

Secretary Manager Cormac Flannery said that the number of “man hours” put in today has made a huge difference to the courses, and he is now predicting that Mahony’s Point will be fully operational before the end of January, and Killeen should be opened by early March, but he added a small caveat, that his predictions were very dependable on good weather prevailing in the meantime.

Victor Mulcahy,
PRO Men’s Club.

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